Why haven’t I received my revenue check?

The most common reason is that your account revenues fall below the minimum suspense level. This amount can vary from landowner to landowner and may be determined by the terms of your lease or by LME accounting policies. From January through November, the minimum check amount is fifty dollars ($50.00), unless your lease terms state otherwise. Once accumulated proceeds exceed the minimum suspense level, you will receive a check for the accumulated funds. In December, we will issue a minimum release check to clear out accumulated proceeds that are still below the owner minimum threshold.

Another common reason for not receiving a check is that you moved and did not update your address with us. The post office may not forward these checks, so it may be returned to us as undeliverable. When this happens, we will send you a change of address form if the forwarding order provides your new address. If it does not, LME will put the account into suspense until you notify us in writing of your new address.